3M Scotch-Grip Fast Bond 10 Universal Contact Adhesive

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3M Scotch-Grip Fast Bond 10

A solvent based brushable contact adhesive. With its superior resistance to heat and sunlight this product is ideally suited for high pressure laminate to particle board in the manufacture of kitchens, worktops and countertops.


Features and Benefits:
  • There Is No Need For Clamping Or Fixing.
  • Effectively Used For Bonding Decorative Laminates, Aluminium, Steel, Wallboard, Plywood, Particle Board, Wood Veneer, Masonry, Wood, Rubber, Leather, Canvas And Other Porous And Non-Porous Material To Each Other Or To Themselves
  • Offers Exceptionally High Bond Strength, Superior Resistance To Heat And Sunlight And Excellent Specific Adhesion.
These high strength, fast drying elastomers bond polycarbonate, vinyl, and many other plastics to themselves and materials such as wood or metal.



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