Dry Stacking and Storage Ashore

Dry Stacking

Situated in Neyland Marina, our dry stack storage facility is an affordable option that provides the same convenience as a wet berth offers but without the hassles of having to pressure wash your vessel. Your boat will be launched and recovered by fork lift every time you want to use it; with 24hr recording CCTV and Intruder Flood Lighting protecting our main access gate, you can relax in the knowledge that your boat is being kept safe and looked after at all times.

Choosing to store your boat in our dry stack facility means lower annual costs for you and full tidal access with unlimited lauches, in addition to the following benefits;

1. Easy Access – Quick, convenient access to the water; we can launch your boat with just an hours notice; by the time you get to the pontoon your boat will be ready and waiting to go.
2. Improved Performance – If you store your boat in our dry stack, it will perform better on the water. Being free of barnacles, weeds and anti-foul paint makes for a smoother ride and gives you the added benefit of an improved fuel economy.
3. Saves Money – The cost of maintaining your boat will be a fraction of what you would pay if you keep your craft in the water, on a hard standing or on a driveway. You will be amazed at the huge reduction in antifouling, lifting, cleaning and anode expenses.
4. Better for the Environment – Boats stored in a dry stack accumulate less oily water in their bilges and do not require toxic anti-foul paint; thus helping to protect the local marine environment.
5. Less Maintenance – As your boat is stored out of the water, your drives and outboard engines are less exposed to salt-water damage, not only will you have less maintenance to do but your boat will hold its value for longer.


Speak to Caroline for professional advice on the best option for your boat

Direct Line: 01646 603105

Email: carolinegriffiths@dale-sailing.co.uk

Ashore Storage Compound and Boat Lifting

We also offer ashore storage with the capacity for up to 250 vessels on hard standing at our site in Neyland. We can accommodate boats in cradles, chocked up on legs or on trailers in secure compounds to help ensure the safe-keeping of all craft in our care.

We see a vast number of boats pass through our doors annually and by communicating directly with clients, our dedicated boat handlers can decide on the best method of storage.

As with the dry stack facility, our team will work with you to take the time to discuss the best laying up solutions for you and your boat. Whether you require a haul out for winter, a launch in the spring or lifting to and from road transport, our team will handle your boat with the utmost respect and care, followed up with impartial, professional advice on how best to maintain your craft in its downtime.


Speak to Christine for expert advice on the best options to suit your needs

Direct Line: 01646 603107

Email: christine@dale-sailing.co.uk