Whether your boat needs a complete re-spray or simply a small repair, we can get the job done using top of the range Awlgrip paint products.

Our clean, environmentally controlled sprayshop boasts state-of-the-art features, such as temperature/humidity control and dust extraction, to ensure that our highly skilled team achieve the best possible finish every time. Awlgrip finishing systems will leave your boat with a mirror-finish at the same time as protecting it against the elements. Our experienced team of sprayers and finishers are always available to lend free and impartial advice – just ask.

Take a look at some of our recent projects and see for yourself how we can transform the look of your craft to make it the envy of the marina:


19′ Cornish Shrimper: “CERYS”

When she came to us, CERYS’ hull was black and it had badly lost its sheen. Her owner, Mr John Bowen, decided he wanted to completely change the hull colour to green. After discussions with and recommendations from our experienced sprayer Stevie, it was agreed that we should respray the hull using Jade Mist Green Topcoat and also Coppercoat the bottom to protect it for the future. Mr Bowen also took advantage of our skilled craftsmen to have Cerys’ timber work varnished whilst his boat was in our workshop.

Mr Bowen was very pleased with the work we did for him on Cerys, saying:
She did look slightly scruffy when I first had her. When she was put back in her berth this year I had the comment – “I see that you have gone for a new “Shrimper”. I think that says enough. In fact, if I had a new boat it might be worth having you give her a refurb! Once again, thank you for my “new” boat.

Using Awlgrip 2000 paint and finishing products supplied in-house, Stevie was able to provide a sparkling finish to Cerys’ hull – just see for yourself:


40′ Arcona Swedish Built Yacht: “GOLONDRINA”

Another successful respray project, Golondrina was dull when she arrived here, but after being primed, painted and given some coppercoat repair work, she left us in pristine condition.  Mr Gareth Williams, the owner, discussed his wishes with Carl and his team and it was decided to use Awlcraft 2000 Midnight Blue Topcoat, with a clear coat over the top to provide a mirror-like result.

Mr Williams originally requested that Golondrina’s name be inserted at the stern end of the decal line although, after advice from our craftsman Stevie, he agreed that it would look better to have the name inserted at the bow end, situated within the decal line itself. Stevie completed the respray to the client’s complete satisfaction and was very proud to receive the following kind feedback from Mr Williams:

“I have been a regular and grateful customer of Dale Sailing for many years. They provide a comprehensive service to meet the needs of any serious yachtsman. A big advantage is that they are immediately at hand and always keen to help, and they have a core of experienced and very skilful staff. This was much in evidence when my 40′ Arcona yacht was resprayed recently. She is a beautiful boat that’s done a lot of offshore and ocean sailing. Eight years old, the gel coat was looking a bit tired and I wanted to preserve her beauty – the respray was performed in optimum conditions, meticulously and carefully. Her appearance is now staggering and draws many complementary comments. I am delighted! Thank you Dale Sailing”.

Take a look at the transformation achieved by our professional sprayer:

Chat with Carl to find about how we can transform the look of your boat, and make it the envy of the marina!